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Nothing adds elegance like installing tongue and groove pine siding.The construction gives this type of siding its distinctive look and durability. It can be used both inside and outside, and it can be painted, stained, or clear coated for a beautiful natural-looking finish.【Get Price】

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In the case of your tongue-and-groove pine, Randy, it definitely would have been easier to wait for warmer weather and pre-finish before installing. At least then, gravity would have been on your side. But, I’m with Tim here: under your present circumstances, go with a pad applicator and try to keep from saturating it to the point that it drips.【Get Price】

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Dura-Groove® is the best prefinished tongue & groove pine plank paneling you can buy. The product starts with computer measured profiles, then micro-fine sanded, and finished with a 100% VOC free UV-cured furniture grade satin topcoat finish.【Get Price】

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How to finish knotty pine with shellac. How to use Zinsser Amber Shellac. How to finish pine board - Duration: 11:51. Michael Paul 79,882 views【Get Price】

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Finishing the White Washed Pine Then Playing on the Mini Excavator At our remote off grid cabin in the woods we finish installing the white washed tongue and groove pine in the main cathedral.【Get Price】

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Southern yellow pine (SYP) has the highest density of all structural lumber species. It provides superior fastener holding power and load-bearing capacity. Tongue and groove system designed to allow some movement between boards【Get Price】

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Tongue & Groove Our white pine T&G has been kiln-dried and is ready for installation and finishing. Two distinct faces allow you to create different looks for your project depending on the side you choose to display.The boards can be supplied in 8 ft., 10 ft.,12 ft.,14 ft.,16 ft., or a random mix of these lengths.【Get Price】

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Tips & Tricks on installation of knotty pine ceiling and finishing coat with polyurethane.. Installing Pine Tongue and Groove on the walls at my Off Grid Cabin - Part 1 - Duration: 14:36.【Get Price】

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my parents in their old house had pine tongue and groove paneling in a dining area with no direct sunlight..they sealed it with the stuff that was used then on gym floors, poly, ..later when they took down some old fashioned art to update..the silhouettes of the art was definately seen on the "yellowed" now was awfull looking..they tried sanding it out but it went be careful.【Get Price】

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Transform a room with the warm glow of beaded wood wainscoting. Install the paneling right over your existing wall, eliminating the hassle of demolition. It's the perfect project to bring character to a room and make it more inviting. Wood wainscoting warms and adds character to any room. Wood.【Get Price】

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The length of the nails is more important than the gauge when using the nails to install tongue and groove wood. The nail must be long enough to go through the piece of pine and into the ceiling above. If the nail is too short, it won't hold the pine tongue and groove securely to the ceiling. If installing one-half-inch pine, use 1 1/2-inch nails.【Get Price】

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Tongue and groove is available in two different grades. Knotty grades provide a unique casual look, while clear grades produce a more formal look. Tongue and groove boards come in a variety of materials and a variety of widths, so you can customize your look. Common materials are cedar and pine, along with paintable composites that resist moisture.【Get Price】

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2. I plan to clear coat the tongue and groove pine and was curious if I should use a roller or spray gun. 3. I plan to only sand this once and then clear coat the walls and ceiling. 4. Recommendations on what clear coat to use for spraying? As you can see I am new at this hence the couple of incorrect lines comming together on the walls.【Get Price】

1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. Premium Tongue and Groove Pattern.

Perfect for interior or exterior projects, boards are light weight and easy to nail, saw, trim or cut. Choose a finish to match your look as paint, stain, whitewash or clear finishes can transform any wood project. Nails, screws or construction adhesives can be used with Tongue and Groove pine boards.【Get Price】

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Our knotty pine tongue and groove paneling significantly reduces the amount of measuring and cutting in each job. The results are 15-20% labor savings and up to 20% less material waste. The cost of knotty pine paneling is much less than traditional wood panels, and you won’t be sacrificing quality either.【Get Price】

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Most of the tongue and groove you'll find at home centers and lumberyards is 1x6 or 1x8 spruce. But other wood options and sizes can be special-ordered. Some boards are rough on one face and smooth on the other. Others, like the 1x8 boards used here, have a groove down the middle of one face to give the impression of more, narrower boards.【Get Price】

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Using prefinished 1 x 8 knotty pine tongue and groove paneling, the material cost for finishing a feature wall that is 8ft high x 12ft in length will be roughly $200 when using prefinished paneling. Keep in mind that large windows, a fireplace, doors, etc., will all reduce the amount of paneling that is required to cover a wall, and this.【Get Price】

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For installing tongue-and-groove paneling, you need 6d finishing nails. These 2-inch long nails have a narrow head that sinks below the surface of the wood. Nail styles are often not interchangeable between nailers because the guns cannot handle every type of nail -- that is why there are different nailer types.【Get Price】

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Knotty pine is used to promote a rustic or outdoorsy appearance. Even though it's sometimes refereed to as paneling, knotty pine is actually long planks joined together via tongue-and-groove.【Get Price】

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Interior tongue and groove pine, paneling, eastern white pine paneling, prefinished pine products, provided by Up North Prefinishing.【Get Price】